We provide excellent service and reliable tools for contractors, project doers, and everyone else in South East Idaho. When you need the right tool for the job, you need us.

We have the rental equipment you need for your next project. We provide excellent service and reliable tools for contractors, project doers, and everyone else in South East Idaho. When you need the right tool for the job, you need us. Browse our rental categories below and you’ll see that we have what you need — everything from earthmoving equipment to tools to general equipment for any projects on your list. We know you rely on equipment rental to provide the solutions you are looking for. That’s why we have highly trained staff at all of our locations. You’ll find get customer care and expertise to help you complete your job with safety and convenience in mind.

Rental Equipment Categories

Aerial & Fork Lifts

Our aerial equipment is ideal for performing maintenance or installation work on high areas, transporting equipment to these areas, pruning trees, and related endeavors. They involve plenty of flexible geometry and have a long reach, enabling them to work their way around awkward places. You can also rely on our forklifts to handle large and small tasks. They’re easy to operate and maneuver. If you have a construction, landscape, or agricultural project to complete, our forklift rental equipment and aerial work platforms are perfect for the job.


We have everything you need for both large and small-scale construction jobs. Everything from building foundations to demolition can be accomplished with the various rental earthmoving equipment we have to offer. Need to break up large amounts of dirt, broken up cement, or haul heavy equipment from one area to another? We have everything you need. We also have plenty of tools in stock such as Roto hammers, angle grinders, buzzsaws, and more!

Dirt & Concrete

This is some of the most difficult work imaginable. But not with our dirt and concrete rental equipment. We have mortar mixers, breaker hammers, floor saws, power trowels, and more. We also offer plenty of construction equipment like excavators, track loaders, and skid steers. Everything you need for dirt and concrete work is available for rent at Mountain West Rentals and Sales.


You can rely on our generators to provide you power for any major project. They can supply you with the energy you need to keep working or continue the activities that otherwise couldn’t be performed without electricity. We offer generators in a number of different electrical and physical configurations, able to be used for a variety of jobs. They are a popular item in our rental inventory of rental equipment for their reliability, safety, and quality.

Home Construction

If it’s time to renovate or repair damage in your home, you can rely on Mountain West Rentals and Sales to provide you the equipment rental you need. We offer everything from orbital polishers and carpet cleaners to industrial fans and carpet stretchers. Rental equipment is often sought at our stores for various household endeavors. Come on in or look online and see what we have to offer. We’re confident we’ll have exactly what you need.

Lawn & Garden

Whether it’s a large-scale project like laying sod or planting trees or a small-scale garden project, we supply the machines and tools you need to get the job done. We offer everything from hedge trimmers and log splitters to sod cutters and Kubota lawnmowers. Your home should feel like, well, a home. And one major factor in that is the state of your lawn and garden. Our rental equipment will allow you to shape and form your property to your exact specifications without buying expensive equipment.


Not sure what category your desired rental equipment belongs to? You’ll probably find it here in the miscellaneous category. We provide everything from ground heaters to tables and pallets. We have a huge inventory of “miscellaneous” rental equipment to suit a wide variety of needs. You can always give us a call and request assistance choosing the right tools for your situation.


As a provider of rental equipment, our inventory wouldn’t be complete without a line of reliable trailers. For many of the projects we support - construction, landscaping, lawn and garden - trailers are an invaluable necessity. Adding a trailer to your equipment rental is important for safety in moving the equipment to your location. Not only do we provide trailers for hauling dirt, supplies, and equipment, we also provide trailers for hauling large amounts of water. Looking for drop deck trailers? How about tilt trailers? You’ll find them all here at Mountain West Rentals & Sales.