When you are an independent contractor, you know that it is highly important to have the right tools for the job. Over the years, Idaho’s home construction market has developed and improved with focus on home maintenance and renovations. The demand to hire independent contractors to do the job had increased. That is why it is crucial for contractors to equip themselves with the right tools at the right time. 

Unlike general contractors or those who are part of big companies, independent contractors work on their own. It is your responsibility to provide your own equipment. If a homeowner hired you to fix their driveway, you would not expect them to provide you with compactors or angle grinders. As the professional for the job, they would expect you to bring everything related for you to do the job well. If you have the capital to invest on your equipment, then that’s good news! Aside from equipment rental, we also provide quality home construction equipment and exceptional services provided by trained experts. At Mountain West Rentals & Sales, we aim to match each contractor’s unique needs with the Kubota that will serve them best. 

However, if you are just starting new or if you have a very limited budget, it is quite obvious that buying your own equipment is not ideal considering the many factors involved such as capital, necessity, and frequency of the project. That said, small to medium independent contractors are better off renting equipment rather than buying them. 

Why Equipment Rental?

Over the years, the rental equipment industry has grown steadily popular. While owning equipment used to be a status symbol for most contractors – the more equipment you have, the better service you can provide – it is no longer applicable nowadays as more and more contractors opt to rent their equipment instead of buying. That is because they found a huge advantage of renting equipment instead of owning them.

Here’s why:

You can expand your services

Sometimes, even if you are able to provide more construction services to your clients, you are limited with the equipment you own. And because you have a very tight budget, you find it challenging to expand your services as you are confined to the available equipment you have on hand. 

With equipment rental, you can offer more areas in home construction and provide your clients better flexibility in terms of project requirement. So, instead of missing the opportunity of bigger income or losing the project to another contractor, you can upsell your services and take advantage of additional opportunities. 

No more maintenance

With equipment rental, you don’t have to worry about maintenance costs. Rental companies are the ones responsible for handling maintenance of rental equipment so you don’t have to worry about it. That means less cost as well so you can spend your operational expenses on other important things. 

Better cash flow

While most people assume that owning or buying your own equipment is better in terms of cash flow, it is actually the other way around. Maintenance of equipment and storage location are just two of the many factors you need to consider when buying your own equipment. With rent, you do not have to worry about those things. With a limited budget like most independent contractors do, you can divert your cash flow to other areas and grow your business. 

Storage location

As mentioned above, when you own equipment, you need a dedicated space or location to store them. This of course is an added cost – whether you rent out the place or buy.

Not only that – if you were able to find a storage for your equipment, the next thing you need to consider is your transportation cost. Transporting your equipment from one job site to another means additional cost on gas and other factors. 

Gear up for the latest technology

Renting allows you to take advantage of the latest technology available. Owning an equipment means you are tied up to use it as long as you can. Nowadays, home construction equipment is being upgraded constantly and when your clients’ needs continue to grow, so do the project needs and your old but still working equipment may not be able to keep up. 

Why Choose Us for Your Equipment Rental Needs?

At Mountain West Rentals and Sales, we believe that the tools and equipment we provide in Idaho Falls, Pocatello, and Chubbuck are not just about the kind of equipment we provide, but more so the relationship we establish and nurture with our customers. We value the work of our customers in providing quality home construction services. That is why we aim to provide the kind of support they need through high-quality and reliable rental equipment. 

Throughout the years, we have already established a solid reputation for remarkable business relationships and quality equipment rental. We ensure that all our home construction equipment meets the technical and safety standards of Idaho’s regulations. 

At Mountain West Rentals and Sales, you can enjoy the best of both worlds. If you have the capital to invest on your equipment, trust us to provide you with durable equipment and outstanding services. For startup contractors, you can depend on us for affordable and reliable home construction equipment for rent all the time. 

So, whether you’re looking to buy equipment for your home construction business or simply need to rent a piece of equipment for a home project, trust us to be a part of your success. Let us know how we can help you by contacting us today