Aerial & Fork Lifts

If you need to reach high areas for maintenance, repair, storage, or installation, our aerial equipment will give you the lift you need. They can work in tight or awkward spaces thanks to their flexible geometry and long reach. We also offer forklifts that can handle plenty of weight. For your aerial and forklift needs, our rental equipment will help you get the job done.


Both large and small-scale jobs can be completed with our construction equipment rentals. Whether you need to move large amounts of dirt, rocks, or debris around, or for basic construction jobs, we have the equipment you need. We also offer various tools such as angle grinders, Roto hammers, and buzzsaws.

Dirt & Concrete

This kind of work is incredibly difficult – but not with our dirt and concrete rental equipment! We have everything from power trowels to mortar mixers, as well as the heavy duty stuff: track loaders, skid steers, and excavators.


Our generator rentals will give you the power you need for all your major projects. They can give you heat and light to perform tasks that can’t be completed without a steady supply of electricity. Our line of generators includes equipment with many different electrical and physical attributes.

Home Construction

Is it time to renovate your home or business? Do you need to repair damage from fire or water? Our line of home construction equipment includes industrial fans, carpet stretchers, carpet cleaners, orbital polishers, and more.

Lawn & Garden

We offer everything you need for both large and small-scale projects. With our equipment you can plant trees, dig them up, create fire and trampoline pits, tend to your garden – anything that your home and garden might need.


Can’t find what you’re looking for in the rest of the categories? Try our miscellaneous inventory. We have plenty of rental equipment for almost any project you can imagine.


No rental equipment inventory would be complete without a line of trailers. Our trailers for rent will accommodate many of the jobs for which our other rental categories provide equipment. With our trailers you can haul everything from equipment to dirt and debris.

Idaho Falls Rental Equipment

According to Census Bureau Reports, Idaho is leading the U.S. as the fastest growing state as of late 2017, and Idaho Falls is constantly growing as well. With all of the infrastructure projects required to facilitate its expansion, we’re proud to offer the construction equipment that contractors need, including:

We also provide trailers and lawn and garden equipment, which are also commonly required for rural Idaho Falls. No matter what kind of project you might have going on in your home, your garden, or your lot, we provide all of the strong, durable, and dependable machinery and tools you can rely on. As Eastern Idaho’s Premier Kubota Dealer, we offer a wide variety of construction equipment. If you don’t find the item you’re looking for here give us a call and we’ll be happy to look it up for you.

More About Our Rental Equipment

With the rental equipment you can get at Mountain West Rentals and Sales, you will be able to complete a wide variety of tasks on both commercial and residential areas. As one of the leading providers on aerial, construction, and lawn and garden rental equipment in Southeast Idaho, you can rely on us to help you get the job done. You will be able to construct, maintain, and tear down structures of all kinds.

Landscape Prep

In Idaho Falls, rental equipment is constantly required by businesses and contractors to improve and enhance our growing infrastructure. Landscapes that require work often need to be prepared by hauling away unwanted plant matter, debris, and garbage. We offer equipment for:

  • Construction sites
  • Farms
  • Commercial Properties
  • Acreage
  • Ranches
  • Land developer property
  • Vacant lots

Of course, our equipment can also be used to simply haul things off of properties to prepare them for weddings, concerts, family get-togethers, and parties.

Dirt & Gravel Road Building

Rental equipment is often required for dirt and gravel road building. Our rental equipment can also help you simply maintain or repair these structures if they already exist. Dirt grading and ditch-digging will be easy with the equipment we provide. Every dirt and gravel road essentially needs:

  • The crowned driving surface
  • The shoulder areas that slope away from the driving surface
  • The ditch for water drainage

With our equipment, you can create these necessary structures.

Snow Removal

Rental equipment is often required for snow removal. Local residents are all too familiar with our long, cold winters here. Commercial and residential properties alike often require machines for snow removal. In the former case, business owners face legal ramifications for failing to do so. In the latter case, people here often have ranches and barns that they need to get to, and removing snow by hand proves to be just too much of a challenge. At Mountain West Rentals and Sales, we offer the snow removal equipment you need.

Lawn & Garden

Whether it’s a small-scale or large-scale project, we provide everything you need for your lawn and garden endeavors. You will be able to accomplish:

  • Sod cutting
  • Power raking
  • Lawn aeration
  • Removal of stumps, weeds, and dead plant matter
  • Tilling
  • Lawn mowing
  • Weed burning
  • Landscape raking
  • Fence stretching

And plenty more. A good looking lawn is important for both commercial and residential properties. For business owners, it projects an appearance of success and competence. For homeowners, it provides the atmosphere of a cozy and put-together home.


When working on construction projects, you need to have peace of mind knowing you’re using equipment that’s not only safe but reliable and efficient as well. That’s what you’ll get with our construction rental equipment.

Home Projects

If you have flooring projects that need to be done, here is some of the equipment we have to offer:

  • Carpet irons and stretchers
  • Nail guns
  • Stretchers
  • Tile rollers
  • Buffers
  • Edgers
  • Industrial vacuums
  • Strippers
  • Carpet fans