Aerial & Fork Lifts

If you need to reach high areas for maintenance, repair, storage, or installation, our aerial equipment will give you the lift you need. They can work in tight or awkward spaces thanks to their flexible geometry and long reach. We also offer forklifts that can handle plenty of weight. For your aerial and forklift needs, our rental equipment will help you get the job done.


Both large and small-scale jobs can be completed with our construction equipment rentals. Whether you need to move large amounts of dirt, rocks, or debris around, or for basic construction jobs, we have the equipment you need. We also offer various tools such as angle grinders, Roto hammers, and buzzsaws.

Dirt & Concrete

This kind of work is incredibly difficult – but not with our dirt and concrete rental equipment! We have everything from power trowels to mortar mixers, as well as the heavy duty stuff: track loaders, skid steers, and excavators.


Our generator rentals will give you the power you need for all your major projects. They can give you heat and light to perform tasks that can’t be completed without a steady supply of electricity. Our line of generators includes equipment with many different electrical and physical attributes.

Home Construction

Is it time to renovate your home or business? Do you need to repair damage from fire or water? Our line of home construction equipment includes industrial fans, carpet stretchers, carpet cleaners, orbital polishers, and more.

Lawn & Garden

We offer everything you need for both large and small-scale projects. With our equipment you can plant trees, dig them up, create fire and trampoline pits, tend to your garden – anything that your home and garden might need.


Can’t find what you’re looking for in the rest of the categories? Try our miscellaneous inventory. We have plenty of rental equipment for almost any project you can imagine.

Tables & Chairs

We provide a number of tables and chairs for your convenience during lawn and garden parties or any event that requires them.


No rental equipment inventory would be complete without a line of trailers. Our trailers for rent will accommodate many of the jobs for which our other rental categories provide equipment. With our trailers you can haul everything from equipment to dirt and debris.

Rexburg Rental Equipment

At Mountain West Rentals and Sales in Rexburg, we pride ourselves on providing a comprehensive range of equipment catering to the needs of residents and contractors alike. Our diverse inventory includes robust, reliable machinery suitable for various projects:

As the premier Kubota dealer in Eastern Idaho and Idaho Falls, we offer an extensive selection of construction equipment for pick up, delivery and rental. If you can’t find a specific item listed, don’t hesitate to give us a call, and we’ll gladly serve you in order to provide it for your location.

Equipment Diversity for Project Completion

At Mountain West Rentals and Sales, our Rexburg Rental Equipment business empowers you to tackle projects of all sizes and types. Whether it’s a modest garden endeavor or a substantial construction task, our machinery is engineered to assist you. As a leading equipment rental provider of aerial, lawn and garden, and construction equipment, here’s what you can accomplish with our range:

Landscape Preparation

Tackling areas laden with debris, waste, or overgrown vegetation demands specialized equipment. Our rental inventory caters to properties such as construction sites, farms, commercial areas, acreages, ranches, land developer sites, and vacant lots. From clearing debris to taming unruly greenery, our lawn and garden equipment ensure meticulous preparation for landscaping projects, events, and property renovations.

Dirt & Gravel Road Construction

In Rexburg’s rural settings, equipment for building and maintaining dirt and gravel roads is often essential. Whether for sheds, barns, or ranches, our machinery simplifies dirt grading, ditch-digging, and facilitates proper water drainage. Maintaining existing roads and repairing damages becomes effortless with our tools, ensuring well-structured roads that meet essential requirements.

  • The crowned driving surface
  • The shoulder areas that slope away from the driving surface
  • The ditch for water drainage

With our equipment, you can create these necessary structures.

Snow Removal

Eastern Idaho’s wintry landscapes necessitate reliable equipment for snow clearance. Our diverse range caters to both commercial and residential areas, ensuring efficient snow removal to maintain accessibility and safety during the cold months. From businesses to expansive properties, our service equipment streamlines snow removal efforts, mitigating the challenges posed by heavy snowfall.

Lawn & Garden Care

From intricate garden tasks to large-scale lawn maintenance, our Rexburg Rental Equipment covers an array of needs. Whether it’s cutting sod, aerating, removing stumps or weeds, our tools facilitate comprehensive care for commercial and residential properties, enhancing their visual appeal and functionality. You will be able to accomplish:

  • Sod cutting
  • Power raking
  • Lawn aeration
  • Removal of stumps, weeds, and dead plant matter
  • Tilling
  • Lawn mowing
  • Weed burning
  • Landscape raking
  • Fence stretching

Construction Support

Regardless of project size, our equipment supports contractors and businesses with safe, efficient tools essential for various construction tasks. From structural demolition to debris management and equipment relocation, our inventory ensures a seamless workflow on construction sites.

Dirt & Concrete Handling

Handling heavy-duty tasks such as concrete breaking or earth-moving becomes more manageable with our rental equipment. Our machines facilitate efficient dirt grading, landscaping, and concrete laying for diverse construction needs.

Home Construction Tools

For home improvement projects, our range includes everything from carpet tools to industrial vacuums, providing the necessary equipment rental for flooring projects and more.

Kubota Rental Equipment in Rexburg

As a proud provider of Kubota pro rentals in Rexburg and Idaho Falls, we offer machines renowned for their efficiency, safety, and reliability. Our inventory spans aerial equipment, forklifts, dirt and concrete movers, garden tools, lawn-mowers, generators, and more. Notably, our Kubota mini excavators offer exceptional versatility and power for various projects, adaptable to different terrains with compatibility for various attachments. At Mountain West Rentals and Sales in Rexburg, we ensure access to top-notch equipment to rent, empowering you to accomplish your job efficiently and effectively.