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This model combines efficient performance with incredible digging force. With the Common Rail System (CRS), fuel is electronically controlled in stages for optimal combustion, better efficiency, better fuel economy, and less engine noise. Auto-shift travel motors allow you to move fluidly even at high speeds. Heavy load work that involves backfilling trenches and making turns is easier, as the system automatically downshifts to give you more torque. The downshift is so smooth you probably won’t even notice it.

idaho falls kubota rentals


The Kubota KX040 includes the Common Rail System (CRS) for electronic control over fuel injection timing and amount in stages, rather than all at once. This offers greater efficiency, better fuel economy, and lower engine noise. The auto regeneration system burns soot in the DPF muffler, keeping it cleaner and allowing for longer operation. The cab is luxurious, with a wide entrance, lots of legroom, and deluxe seat. The features are easy-to-use, making tough jobs easy.

idaho falls kubota rentals


This machine brings plenty of flexibility and power to the job. This mini-excavator will give you the performance you need. For optimal combustion, the Common Rail System (CRS) controls the fuel injection timing electronically in stages instead of all at once. This leads to greater efficiency in both performance and fuel economy. The automatic regeneration system burns soot in the DPF muffler, keeping it cleaner and allowing for longer operations. The cab offers a place of surprising luxury as you’re surrounded by gritty work conditions – enjoy excellent climate control and air flow, a wide entrance, suspension seat, and a convenient instrument panel.

idaho falls kubota rentals


This light-weight machine is ideal for working in tight spaces. For smaller projects, this is an incredibly versatile digging machine. Don’t let the size fool you: our Kubota KX008 brings plenty of power to the job. It’s ideal for digging to depths of 5’6″ and is only 2.3 ft in width. It is a lightweight and agile piece of equipment with a maximum reach of 9.9 feet with 10.2 hp. If you have work to do that includes small jobs or tight spaces, the Kubota KX008 is the perfect machine for the job.

idaho falls kubota rentals


The Kubota KX018 includes a 17 H.P. Kubota tier 4 diesel engine, making for greater efficiency. It’s clean burning with low noise and vibration. If you want superior lifting and stability, this is the machine you’re looking for. You can perform jobs safely with a variety of Kubota attachments. Kubota’s hydraulic system, combined with the powerful boom cylinders, gives you tons of lifting power. The digging force is just as impressive, delivering force with a powerful and well-balanced arm. When using heavy attachments, the variable track gauge will optimize stability.

idaho falls kubota rentals


The Kubota RTV-X1140 is designed to be dynamic. It can adapt to your needs by easily transitioning from hauling cargo in the hydraulic dumping bed to simply driving people around with four comfortable seats. It also has plenty of convenient features and is powered by a proven 24.8 HP Kubota diesel engine. To convert it, simply 1) Reposition the sides of the bed, 2) Reposition the cargo bed, and 3) Reposition the protective screen and bench seat.

idaho falls kubota rentals


With a lift capacity of 3,900 pounds, you can count on this machine when it comes to heavy lifting jobs. Because the fuel tank is located in the back, a full tank of fuel offers roughly 200 extra pounds of ballast in the back, allowing for a temporary higher operating load. The Kubota SSV65 is great for moving heavy materials, dirt, debris, gravel, and other materials on construction, landscaping, and lawn and garden job sites.

idaho falls kubota rentals


Much like the Kubota SSV65, the SSV75 has a fantastic lift capacity. You can rely on this machine to complete some of the heaviest lifting jobs imaginable. You will get outstanding performance, exceptional comfort, easy maintenance, and excellent durability. The operational response on this machine is fast and smooth, and the controls are easy to access and understand. You can complete some of the toughest jobs out there in luxury with air conditioning and a spacious operator interior.

idaho falls kubota rentals


If you’re looking for top tier bucket breakout force and lifting capacity for the toughest jobs, the SVL75 is for you. This machine is incredibly stable, and includes a spacious and comfortable operator area complete with a full suspension high-back seat. This is the kind of machine that will help you get tough jobs done with comfort and ease.

Kubota has been engineering excellence since 1969 and it has yet to slow down. Here at Mountain West Rentals & Sales, we’re proud to be an authorized dealer of Kubota products. From big to small we’ve got it all. As authorized dealers, all of our Kubota equipment is for sale. Kubota is well-known for its high-quality products. From their website: “For Earth, For Life” is much more than Kubota’s brand statement. It’s a mission we dedicate ourselves to as a global company. We are committed to engineering excellence so that our customers can focus on planting, feeding, building, and caring for our world. We welcome you to explore and learn more about Kubota

Your Local Kubota Dealer

Since it was first established in 1890, the Kubota Corporation has been been in the business of manufacturing excellent machinery for construction, dirt and concrete, lawn and garden, and other projects. Their reputation for high quality, durable, and efficient machinery is well-earned, and as your Kubota dealer, we are proud to continue their reputation by providing these machines to you.

Construction Equipment

Kubota’s construction equipment has been manufactured with a single philosophy in mind: Do more work in less time. Kubota makes efficiency and reliability the key factors in their construction equipment, allowing technicians to complete a variety of jobs easily, safely, and quickly. Mountain West Rentals & Sales offers construction equipment to help you complete a wide variety of construction projects. Our construction tools, machines, and other equipment will allow you to complete all of the tasks that need to be accomplished in building projects, work zones, and roadside construction areas.

Dirt & Concrete Equipment

Heavy-duty jobs require heavy-duty equipment. Our dirt and concrete equipment will allow you to prepare the ground for concrete placement, or removal, in virtually any area in which it is required. Our Kubota dirt and concrete equipment are absolutely essential for work on areas such as:

  • Residential and commercial landscapes
  • Foundations
  • Industrial and commercial floors
  • Highways, streets, and dirt roads
  • Exterior slab-on-ground hardscapes

We also offer a variety of Kubota excavators, which will allow you to:

  • Clean up large amounts of garbage and debris from lots
  • Prepare landscapes of all kinds for construction
  • Build dikes and embankments
  • Move and set large rocks (either for structural or aesthetic reasons)
  • Dig large ditches, or clean existing ones
  • Remove unwanted plant life such as trees, bushes, and sagebrush
  • Create water line trenches
  • Dig for pasture irrigation

These excavators will allow technicians to complete a wide variety of tasks, both large and small.

Lawn & Garden

Our Kubota lawn and garden equipment is compact and easy to use, while also offering a large amount of power. We are proud to offer a wide variety of lawn and garden equipment that will allow you to complete virtually any commercial or residential job. Our lawn and garden equipment will give you the ability to complete the following tasks with ease:

  • Lawn Mowing – Our equipment will ensure that your lawn is mowed cleanly and evenly.
  • Power Raking – You will be able to easily and effectively remove large amounts of thatch from your yard.
  • Lawn Aeration – We offer the equipment you need to aerate your lawn, helping bring it up to its optimal health and appearance.

And more. A good-looking lawn is important for both homeowners and business owners alike. So for whatever lawn and garden project you might have, you can rely on our equipment to help you get the job done.

Other Products We Offer

Aerial & Fork Lifts

If you need to reach high places for maintenance, repairs, or simply to transfer equipment, we offer all of the aerial equipment you need. Our machines are also great for pruning trees and related endeavors. If you need to access a high area, we have you covered. Our line of rental equipment is sure to fit your needs. Our aerial equipment is safe and reliable, and dynamic enough to maneuver along tricky or awkward areas.  A related part of our inventory includes forklifts. We offer a wide variety of forklifts that you can depend on to move heavy machinery, equipment, products, and more. Need to stock your warehouse immediately? Come on over to our shop and rent one of our forklifts.


Have a major project that requires a generator to keep the power running? You can count on us. We’re confident you’ll find the exact generator you need at our shop. Our line of generators is one of the top products we provide. Our generators come in a variety of physical and electrical configurations, but one thing you can always count on is their ability to keep the power on!

Home Construction

Is it time to major renovation on your home? How about repairing damage? That’s what we’re here. We provide orbital polishers, carpet cleaners, industrial fans, carpet cleaners, and everything else you need for proper home construction projects. All of your household endeavors can be accomplished with our line of rental equipment.


Our line or rental equipment wouldn’t be complete without a variety of reliable trailers. Almost all of the projects we support could use a trailer or two for hauling heavy equipment, large amounts of dirt and garbage, or even water. Yes, we provide gallon water trailers as well! 


Not exactly sure what category your desired rental equipment belongs to? Check the miscellaneous category! We’re sure you’ll find what you need. We offer many miscellaneous rental equipment such as ground heaters, tables, pallets, and more!