Kubota SVL 75 - Kubota Idaho Falls



Much like the Kubota SSV65, the SSV75 has a fantastic lift capacity. You can rely on this machine to complete some of the heaviest lifting jobs imaginable. You will get outstanding performance, exceptional comfort, easy maintenance, and excellent durability. The operational response on this machine is fast and smooth, and the controls are easy to access and understand. You can complete some of the toughest jobs out there in luxury with air conditioning and a spacious operator interior. This is one of our best pieces of Kubota rental equipment in Idaho Falls, Pocatello, and Chubbuck.

Complete your projects with our Idaho Falls, Pocatello, and Chubbuck KUBOTA SVL75 TRACK SKID LOADER.

Department Construction, Kubota, Vehicles
Manufacturer Kubota
Inventory No. 05-755

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