Your Idaho Falls Kubota Dealer

If you are in the market for a Kubota tractor, then look to Eastern Idaho’s premier Kubota Dealer, Mountain West Rentals & Sales. They have one of the largest inventories around. So the chances of you finding exactly what you want at this Kubota dealer in Idaho Falls is really good. Stop in to look at the different options for a Kubota that will work for you. If you have questions or concerns, they will be answered by our experts.

Kubota Dealer in Idaho Falls

Kubota has been around for almost 150 years. Anything that has been around for that long speaks quality. Most businesses do not last more than a few years in this ever fluctuating economy. However, a company like Kubota has built a name for themselves through long-lasting, quality made agricultural and construction equipment. They offer every piece of equipment that you would ever need. It does not matter the job that is placed in front of you because there is a Kubota specifically built for that job. Your Kubota dealer in Idaho Falls will offer everything from a lawn mower to an M6 series tractor, which is their largest tractor for the most difficult tasks.

Kubota makes an excellent engine. Their diesel engine has been around a long time. This engine will offer you the power that you need for all your jobs and will last a really long time. When it comes to reliability, you will not find anything better than a Kubota. If you want a tractor or mower that will outlast you, then give us a call.

Specific Kubota Offerings to Buy or Rent

Kubota Dealer in Idaho Falls

Your Kubota dealer in Idaho Falls has numerous options for you, whether you want to rent or buy. There are benefits to both renting and buying. These choices should be determined by the job that you are trying to accomplish and the time it will take to complete that job. Without the right equipment, you may be subjected to unnecessary frustration. To get the help that you need, look to your Idaho Falls Kubota Dealer.

Kubota Dealer Tractor Offerings in Idaho Falls

To get a good idea of what your Kubota dealer in Idaho Falls offers, let’s take a look at some specific pieces of machinery. For example, some of the following Kubota machinery will be offered at you Kubota dealer in Idaho Falls, Mountain West Rentals & Sales:

  • Kubota B26-This can handle landscaping and construction needs. It has a 23.4 HP diesel engine. It has a sloped hood design and loader arms for increased visibility. This tractor comes equipped with 4WD. A frontloader and backhoe attachments can also be found on this tractor.
  • Kubota KX040-It has a 3 cylinder turbo charged engine. In addition, it has 40 HP. This is Kubota’s mini-excavator. It is great for construction and landscaping. When you have to remove dirt or move gravel, this will be the machine for you.  
  • Kubota KX080-This is a larger, stronger version of the KX040. You will be able to handle tougher jobs and move debris quicker with this version. If you need to excavate a lot of ground in a short amount of time, this will be the excavator for you.
  • Kubota M6-This is a large tractor that would be sufficient for any of your agricultural needs. It was created for ranchers and farmers to plough fields and move feed. There are multiple versions to choose from with net horsepower ranging from 97-133. With these ranges, there will be an option for you.
  • Kubota SSV65-This is a do all skid steer. Working in tight spaces is what this machine was created for. No matter the job you have around the house, there is always need for a skid steer. They can move enormous amounts of soil or gravel. Also, they can have an attachment for a forklift instead of a bucket. This option to switch the attachments gives a lot of adaptability to this model. It can move dirt in the morning and lift hay bales in the afternoon with the switch of the bucket.  

The nice thing about all of this machinery is that is can be bought for your use at any time or rented. Whatever the job that you have in front of you, there will be an option for you in equipment and use. Give us a call to talk about the many Kubota options that are offered.

What You Get From Our Premier Kubota Dealership

Kubota Dealer in Idaho Falls

When you come to our Idaho Falls Kubota Dealership, you will get the advice and expertise that you need. Often, if you start a project, you may not know which piece of equipment would be most helpful to you. Getting the machine that you need can make your job a lot easier. Discussing what you need with one of our experts will get you on the right path, no matter if you are buying or renting.

We are serving all of Eastern Idaho. In addition to our Idaho Falls location, you can also find us in Chubbuck and Pocatello. At every location you will experience our superior service. You will be treated with respect and care. That is what you will find at Mountain West Rentals & Sales. We can help you with any of your construction or agricultural equipment needs. Do not hesitate to stop in or give us a call so that we can help you in your future endeavors.