SilverLine Sander Drum - Kubota Idaho Falls


The Power to Cut

3 HP Universal Brush Driven motor. No Capacitors! (2 HP-110/22 motor available) This is the strongest motor available to the Hardwood Floor Trade The pressure settings on the Pro-8 are simple to change. The wide wheelbase and low center of gravity allow more control and better view of your work.

The Ability to Finish

Our Spring Loaded drum is the next generation of drums. The springs and cams work together to assure proper sandpaper installation.

No Shims, No Chatter

The dual pulley allows the drum to run at either 2400 or 2800 RPM The drum belt can be changed quickly, switching between power or speed.

The Money Maker

Cut and finish your jobs more efficiently.  Save time and money Spend less money on your supplies – compare the cost of sheets vs. belts. Keep the money you earn – low maintenance equipment with parts made in the USA.

Essex Silver-Line, a family business, is the only manufacturer of floor sanders that is wholly owned and operated in the USA. We have been manufacturing the world’s finest floor sanders since 1958. Our commitment to quality is known worldwide and built into every sander.

Standard Equipment

62.5′ Solar Polar 10/3 power cord with female twist lock connector for the motor, dust bag, paper template, all wrenches, operator’s belt & carry handle.


Silver-Line floor sanding machines are fully guaranteed for one year against factory defects.

Over-All Dimensions

Length of Chassis: 25″, Length with Handle: 38″, Width: 15″, Wheel base: 10″, Height to motor: 18″, Height to handle: 39″


Construction – Accurately machined interchangeable parts of highly polished aluminum alloys, with quick release bearing caps that house the drum.

Motor – 3 HP universal type motor, 220 volt, 60 Hz, single phase, removable, 30 amp on/off switch.

Vacuum – Large vacuum fan assembly for superior dust pick up that can be removed easily for maintenance.

Drum – 8″ spring loaded drum (self tensioning) high density red rubber over vulcanized rubber attached to aluminum drum core.

Drum Speed – 2400 or 2800 RPM.

Wheels – Felt cover on aluminum core with two (2) #6202 Sealed Bearings.

Belts – Positive Drive Cog belt runs drum, “V” belts run fan and idler.

Pressure Adjustment – 4 Position foot pedal adjusts from 25, 50, 75 to 100% of available pressure of machine.

Net Weight – 210 lbs.

Weight w/o Motor – 105 lbs.

Shipping Weight – 250 lbs.

Department Floor & Carpet, Home Construction
Inventory No. 04-020

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