You might not realize until you’re halfway into your own landscaping project, but it would have been so much easier had you just rented the right piece of equipment. You could be digging post holes, trenching lines for your sprinkler system, or building a backyard pond, and all of these projects could be made easier and shorter by renting a piece of heavy machinery.

We’ve all been there. You’re trying to save a buck and you tell your spouse that you can do it all by yourself. Then you start digging and immediately realize you were wrong. Trust us when we say, the cost of renting something for the day can be the difference between getting your project done days or weeks earlier and having to work into early winter.

Regardless of what you’re project is, be it digging, trenching, or loading, here at Mountain West Rentals & Sales we can outfit you with the right equipment for the right job. Just give us a call 208-524-7375.