When a contractor plans to start a construction project, it is imperative to have the right tools to undertake the project successfully. Renting equipment from rental companies can save contractors a lot of money on a construction project. 

At Mountain West Rentals, we believe that saving money is vital when dealing with any construction project. A residential or commercial contractor doesn’t have to buy construction equipment because of the cost implication. Construction companies can manage construction projects well and leverage the opportunity by renting equipment from a provider and save money in the long run. 

At Mountain West Rentals, we provide a wide range of construction materials and help construction companies meet their needs with ease. Here are ways in which rental equipment can help contractors save money. 

1.     No Purchasing of Construction Equipment 

The truth is that buying construction equipment can cost the contractor a lot of money, and the seller requires upfront payment. 

A contractor can spend thousands of dollars to get all the necessary equipment. However, renting the same equipment saves money in the long run because it is cheaper than purchasing. Below is the construction equipment that a contractor can rent from us, depending on the type of project. 

  • Aerial & forklifts
  • Compactors
  • Ladders 
  • Tools and attachments
  • Vehicles
  • Hammer drills
  • Core drills
  • Electric chippers 

At Mountain West Rentals, we offer a wide range of construction equipment rentals and help our contractors get the right tools needed, no matter the kind of project. We have adequate and quality tools and offer value for the contractor’s money. 

Renting equipment isn’t only about the purchase price. A construction company will have to pay additional costs such as taxes and insurance. This makes equipment rental a typically cheaper option that can save contractors money in the long run. Our equipment rental prices are affordable, and this can’t be compared to the cost of purchasing the same equipment. 

2.     No Maintenance Costs 

Construction equipment requires professional maintenance to remain efficient. If not, the equipment may not deliver the expectations of a contractor. 

Unfortunately, the cost of equipment maintenance can be costly, and this is a continuous thing that a contractor would have to spend a lot of money to keep the equipment efficient. The good thing about equipment rental is that a contractor will not worry about the maintenance costs, which are likely higher in the long run. 

There is no need for the contractor to worry about such costs because we take care of everything. Our well-maintained equipment is effective and can work in any environment for multiple tasks without breaking down. 

We assess our equipment and repair them in time to ensure that every project runs smoothly. Also, new versions of construction equipment emerge often. At Mountain West Rentals, we stay updated with the current changes in the industry. 

We invest in the latest technology to upgrade the existing equipment. So, a contractor doesn’t have to worry about spending money to upgrade the equipment because we take care of everything.  

3.     Optimized Usage with Maximum Profit

Construction contractors can use our heavy machinery without investing upfront. This is more important when we have new tools, and the contractors want to try them before renting. 

The beauty about renting equipment is that the contractor can use the tools for the agreed time and return them without necessarily renting. This minimizes the risks of buying equipment that may not be useful in the long run. 

Unfortunately, this cannot happen if the contractor decides to purchase the equipment because there is no upfront testing of tools. Rather, the contractor will have to pay before using the tools. This can be costly and waste the contractor’s money if the equipment doesn’t serve the purpose. 

When a contractor rents heavy equipment, it is easier to optimize budget allocation for each project and avoid using money without a plan. This helps if the contractor plans to use the equipment only once because there will be no wastage. 

At Mountain West Rentals, we value the needs of our contractors and will deliver more than the contractor’s expectations. We guide the contractor in making the right choice of tools, including the new equipment. 

4.     No Storage Costs 

Construction equipment storage is another factor that every contractor should consider when deciding between renting and buying construction equipment. The equipment requires adequate storage space, which can be challenging if a contractor buys the equipment. It is not only about the storage space. The contractor should also ensure safety to prevent theft and vandalism. These are challenges that make purchasing construction equipment draining and costly. A contractor will need more money to make it work. 

Mountain West Rentals is an ideal provider of construction equipment with long-term storage solutions to provide timely quality services to our customers. We help our customers save money on storage spaces for the construction equipment by renting the tools from us. 

5.     No Transport Costs

After completing a project, contractors struggle with transporting the equipment back to the premises. Transporting the equipment costs a lot of money, especially when working on a project far away. However, this isn’t the case when a contractor rents the equipment. 

At Mountain West Rentals, we save contractors money on transportation costs because we take care of the logistics without asking for transportation expenses, no matter the location of the project or the kind of equipment being transported.

This doesn’t not only save the contractor money but also creates convenience and saves time, thus, increasing productivity and more profits in the long run. 

When a contractor works on a tight budget, there is no better way to save money on transportation costs than renting construction equipment. 

Renting Construction Equipment Saves Money 

From the above information, there is no doubt that renting equipment is an ideal consideration that can save contractors a lot of money in the long run. We believe that every contractor has many chances of saving money by making the right decisions. From saving on transportation costs, taxes, and worker’s compensation coverage to zero maintenance and storage costs, Mountain Wets Rentals delivers timely, cost-effective equipment rental services without compromising quality. Contact us today for more inquiries about our construction equipment.