Category: Pocatello Rental Equipment

Pocatello Rental EquipmentMountain West Rentals & Sales has the Pocatello rental equipment you need for your next major project. Our equipment will help you accomplish the following tasks:

  • Landscaping - We offer everything you need for landscaping projects both large and small.
  • Landscape preparation - Need to clear out all of the garbage, debris, and unwanted plants from a space before landscaping or construction projects occur? We have what you need.
  • Snow removal - You can remove large amounts of snow and ice with our equipment.
  • Dirt and gravel road building - Everything from cutting out an area for your road, shaping it to its desired shape and direction, and dirt grading can be accomplished with our Pocatello rental equipment.
  • Lawn and garden projects - We have mowers, weed eaters, sod cutters, and more.
  • Construction projects - From building things up to tearing them down, we have equipment both large and small.
  • Dirt and concrete work - This doesn’t have to be the backbreaking work it usually is, and we have the equipment to help.
  • Home construction projects - We offer buffers edgers, strippers, industrial vacuums, and more.