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idaho falls rental equipmentWhen it comes to rental equipment for construction projects, landscaping, and related endeavors, few names are as trusted as Kubota. Since 1969, Kubota has gained global recognition for the quality of its manufacturing. When working on projects, you need to have peace of mind knowing the equipment you’re working with is safe, reliable, and efficient. This is exactly what you’ll get with Kubota. In Eastern Idaho cities like Idaho Falls, rental equipment by Kubota is often sought out by businesses and contractors. Mountain West Rentals and Sales is proud to offer this equipment for rent. Some of the Kubota equipment we provide includes:

  • Kubota Bulldozers - If you need to move large amounts of rubble, sand, concrete, dirt, or other material, bulldozers are a great option. Our Kubota bulldozers include strong metal plates located on the front end. On the rear, they have claws (aka “rippers”) to allow you to loosen various material, making it easy to clear out later.
  • idaho falls equipment rentalsKubota Mini Excavators - Also known as “compact excavators”, our Kubota mini excavators are great for a number of reasons. In Idaho Falls, rental equipment like mini excavators are often used for commercial and residential construction projects. They are compact and light-weight enough to maneuver around tight corners and across difficult terrain, while also bringing plenty of power to the job.
  • Kubota Backhoes - These are great for projects that require large amounts of dirt work. In Idaho Falls, rental equipment like backhoes are commonly required for dirt work, dirt and gravel road building, large-scale home and garden work, and more.

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