Kubota dealers like Mountain West Rentals and Sales are in high demand. This is true for all times of the year, especially since we provide mini excavators by Kubota. These are fantastic pieces of machinery that contractors and companies utilize year round.

What Is a Mini Excavator

You may have also heard these referred to as “compact excavators”. In short, these are simply smaller versions of standard excavators, created to be more compact and versatile, while also bringing plenty of power to the table. As such, they can perform a wide variety of tasks more efficiently than many standard excavators.

Because of their small size, mini excavators are able to maneuver around tight corners and cumbersome objects easier than a standard excavator. They are also able to move along a wide variety of terrains, and are often utilized for both small and large scale jobs.

Mini excavators are comprised of the following:

  • The cab – This is the area where the driver sits and operates the machine. Because mini excavators are made to be as convenient as possible, they often feature driving cabs that can turn a whole 360 degrees.
  • The undercarriage – This is where the motor and gears are housed. It also contains the roller track, which moves the mini excavator along the ground.
  • The house – This part is connected to the undercarriage and holds the fuel cylinders and engine.
  • The boom – This is the extension (or arm) of the mini excavator and can often hold a wide variety of attachments.
  • The engine – This part powers the mini excavator.
  • The stick – This is an extendable piece used to connect the undercarriage with the boom.

Mini Excavators for Snow Removal

As the temperature continues to drop, many people are getting ready for large-scale snow removal projects. Whether on a commercial or residential property, consider mini excavators for snow removal.

Mini excavators are just one form of technology that’s helped us move beyond older, less efficient forms of snow removal. In the past, snow removal projects would often lead to large amounts of snow piling up on sidewalks or blocking off certain side streets. Today, we can use mini excavators to shovel large piles of snow into trailers and haul it off to areas that don’t inconvenience anyone.

There are also many different attachments that can be applied to mini excavators that will further help you remove snow from your property.

Mini Excavators for Road Building

Kubota dealers are often renting out mini excavators for road building purposes. These machines are constantly aiding in the further development of growing infrastructure. They are also used for building roads to people’s homes, and for maintaining roads that have already been built.

Road Building

No matter what kind of road you’re building, you’ll likely need an excavator at some point. You’ll need it not only to clear a path and create the foundation for your road, but possibly to lay out certain materials as well.

Dirt Grading

Mini excavators will allow you to perform dirt grading. This means leveling and shaping the ground in such a way that water drains off of it properly, without resulting in flooding or water damage.

Proper dirt grading requires the following:

  • Quarter overlap – This means using an area that you’ve already leveled as a marker for the next area you’re about to grade. This will help you keep everything even and consistent, which is what dirt grading is all about.
  • Utilizing the bucket edge – Use the bucket edge to keep your pulls straight and even.
  • Watching the boom – You’ll often be required to raise or lower the boom in accordance with the varying levels of the ground.

Mini Excavators for Virtually Any Construction Project

When you’re working on a commercial or residential property, here are some of the projects in which our mini excavators will help you out.

Landscape Preparation

Mini excavators can help you clean up large amounts of debris, garbage, waste, and unwanted plants from an area in preparation for landscaping. People often require mini excavators for:

  • Construction sites
  • Commercial properties
  • Farms
  • Acreage
  • Ranches
  • Vacant lots
  • Land developer property

Mini excavators can also be used for bringing in certain materials and equipment to later be used in the landscaping project, or hauling it off later.


Mini excavators can be used for:

  • Installing main lines for agricultural pivots
  • Digging water line trenches
  • Leveling property
  • Digging ditches for trampolines, pools, or fire pits
  • Moving and setting large rocks (either for structural or aesthetic purposes)
  • General dirt work

Landscaping is easily one of the most difficult projects you can engage in. It’s tiring, backbreaking work. That is, unless you rent a mini excavator from the leading Kubota dealer.

Lawn & Garden Projects

If you need to remove large amounts of unwanted plant life such as dead trees, stumps, bushes, or rogue trees from your yard, mini excavators are the ideal product. Mini excavators can also be used to dig out a variety of areas for planting trees or for draining water.

Small-scale Demolition

We encourage you demolish structures safely. That’s why we provide Kubota mini excavators, as they are some of the safest and most efficient means of demolishing sheds, shacks, and other old structures that are dilapidated or no longer of use.

Why Choose Kubota?

Having been in the business of manufacturing safe and efficient machinery for dirt and concrete work, construction, and landscaping projects since 1969, Kubota has become a well-known and trust manufacturer of mini excavators. They’re recognized as one of the leaders in the industry all over the world.

From Kubota’s website:

“For Earth, For Life” is much more than Kubota’s brand statement. It’s a mission we dedicate ourselves as a global company. We are committed to engineering excellence so that our customers can focus on planting, feeding, building and caring for our world. We welcome you to explore and learn more about Kubota.

Can Anyone Rent a Mini Excavator?

The short answer is: no. The reason for this is that while these machines have been made to be as safe and efficient as possible, they are still heavy duty pieces of equipment that almost always require some degree of professional training in order to use.

Mountain West Rentals and Sales prefers to rent to those who are licensed to operate these machines.