The rural area is constantly in need of equipment rentals to accommodate projects that are helping further its growing infrastructure. Not only that, but as the area continues to expand publicly, commercially, and residentially, there is a whole list of machines that individuals and companies require for dirt grading and landscape leveling.

Mountain West Rentals and Sales, being your number one company for rental equipment, is here to provide all of the machinery and equipment required for these endeavors.

When you choose to rent equipment for landscaping and construction projects, you don’t want to settle for something that may or may not work for a little while only to break down halfway through. You want peace of mind knowing your equipment is not only running efficiently and smoothly, but safely as well, ensuring a stable work environment for you, your employees, and pedestrians as well.

It’s for this reason that we specialize in Kubota equipment, knowing that products by Kubota are some of the most highly trusted machines on the market.

Dirt Grading Rental Equipment

Like you, we understand the importance of a well-graded landscape. Failing to construct your landscape correctly can easily result in flooding and water damage, which can cost thousands of dollars in repairs. Rental equipment is often required for both existing properties, and for new properties that are in the process of being constructed.

We provide machines that will allow you to grade virtually any landscape so that there are no high or low spots, and to ensure that water flows away from any given structure for long-term safety against flooding and water damage.

Road Building

Whether it’s a concrete street, a dirt road, or a gravel road, we have what you need to not only clear out and establish an area for your road, but to lay down the materials for it as well. Our dirt and concrete equipment is reliable in both regards. You will be able to construct a road that is safe and stands the test of time. As state above, we also provide everything you need for proper road grading, creating dikes and embankments where appropriate to ensure water runs down and away from your road.

This is especially important in rural areas where rental equipment is often used to not only construct roads, but to repair them and ensure their structure is better graded. With our long winters and rainy seasons, water damage and flooding is a major concern not only for properties and their structures, but also for roads of all kinds.

Other Landscaping Projects Our Rental Equipment Can Be Used For

We provide everything you need for:

  • Creating various landscape structures
  • Digging holes for trampolines, fire pits, pools, and planting trees and bushes
  • Digging trenches for pasture irrigation
  • Digging down to broken pipes (for later repairs)
  • Lawn aeration, dethatching, and mowing

And plenty more. Just come to our location and view our products for yourself. Or contact us today!