Equipment rentals such as wheel loaders, track loaders, and mini excavators are often sought out for a number of reasons. When it comes to large-scale snow removal projects, Mountain West Rentals and Sales provides a wide variety of rental equipment that can make the job much easier.

Wheel Loaders

Wheel loaders include front-mounted square wide buckets that are connected to the vehicle by two boom arms. They can be used to easily scoop up rocks, sand, debris, garbage, and yes, snow. 

For many people, wheel loaders are the perfect machine to handle large amounts of snow in wide areas, allow them to move it at ease and pile it up so it’s out of the way. Some wheel loaders even include small backhoes that may be useful for certain snow removal projects. We can provide these as well.

Wheel loaders are often used for snow removal in parking lots. With the right attachments, they can be used as full-on snowplows, but can also be used to simply move snow along the ground and lift with a bucket or snow basket, later to be dumped into the back compartment of a trailer or dump truck.

Wheel loaders are comprised of:

  • The engine (usually diesel)
  • The transmission components, including the gearbox, axles, wheels and tracks, pumps, motors
  • The hydraulic components such as valves, motors, and pumps

Our wheel loaders run on both hydraulics and transmission which move whatever attachment you have installed, as well as the wheels or tracks.

Track Loaders

Track loaders include a tracked chassis with a loader used for both digging and loading various materials. Excavators and wheel loaders excel at specific tasks. However, track loaders are widely used on job sites. This is because of their ability to perform a much wider variety of tasks.

Over the years, track loaders have evolved quite a bit. Today they incorporate hydrostatic transmissions and electro-hydraulic controls for a great level of efficiency. Our track loaders will give you what you need for snow removal projects.

Mini Excavators

Sometimes referred to as “compact excavators”, mini excavators are simply smaller versions of standard excavators.  Our mini excavators for rent in provide plenty of power and force for any project, yet they’re also compact and small enough in size to operate in tight, awkward spaces and over a wide variety of terrain. They bring strength, versatility, and efficiency to virtually any job, and that includes snow removal.

Mini excavators are comprised of the following parts:

  • The Cab: This is where the driver sits and operates the machine. Most mini excavators feature driving cabs that can rotate an entire 360 degrees.
  • The Undercarriage: This contains the motor and gears, as well as the roller track used to move the excavator along the ground.
  • The House: This connects to the undercarriage and contains the fuel cylinders and engine.
  • The Boom: The boom is the arm extension that can be equipped with a wide variety of attachments.
  • The Engine: This powers the excavator.
  • The Stick: An extendable piece connecting the undercarriage with the boom arm.

After plowing large amounts of snow into a very tall pile, you can use mini excavators to start loading snow into trucks for later hauling, ensuring the removal of all snow from the desired area.

Learn more about what mini excavators can do for you.

How Our Equipment Rentals Can Help In Large-Scale Snow Removal Projects

For Commercial Properties

For some commercial properties, rental equipment that we provide is very important for the snow removal process. It isn’t just about allowing customers to access your building – there are legal repercussions for failing to remove snow, not only for customers, but for your employees as well. One such nightmare for business owners would be the prospect of legal litigation. 

Of course, sound business practice can’t be overlooked either. If your customers have to fight their way through a mountain of snow just to access your products and services, you aren’t likely to get any business.

Our rental equipment can assist you in loading large piles of snow into trucks after other equipment has piled it up, or by using attachments that can be applied to the mini excavator itself.

For Residential Properties

Homeowners in particularly rural areas often seek out rental equipment.. A lot of snow builds up on dirt roads and on large properties out in the country, and for some people, a mini excavator is a fantastic tool to help in the snow removal process.

Sometimes the snow falls so hard and for so long that people can’t even get their vehicles in or out of their property. With our help, you won’t have that problem anymore.

A Brief Look at the History of Snow Removal

Snow removal used to be a difficult process. It generally consisted of little more than garbage cans and people’s own hands. In large cities, citizens typically had to participate in a collective snow removal process to prevent snow buildup and large snow drifts from holding up sleigh traffic.

Sure, those who could afford it could hire private snow removal companies, but these people were few and far between. 

Over the years, however, people began to experiment a little. New and innovative forms of snow removal started to develop, beginning with makeshift snow plows consisting of a plow mounted to the front of a horse-drawn cart. This made the snow removal process easier, but it still was far from ideal.

The next step in the evolution of snow removal was to mount snow plows to the front of intercity trains and larger, more powerful vehicles. This was a good improvement but also came with its own problems; While the main streets opened up, large snow piles often blocked side streets, sidewalks, and alleys. Needless to say, this was a major inconvenience for businessmen who traveled by foot.

Modern Snow Removal

We should all be grateful for the modern rental equipment that is available to us when removing snow by shovel just isn’t an option.

Mountain West Rentals and Sales offers a wide variety of heavy-duty machines that will make the job much easier. This is of major benefit for businesses and homeowners alike. We’re proud to provide the rental machines you need to keep your customers and employees safe, your business thriving, and your family able to enter and leave their property without problems from the Great White Downpour.