Power raking equipment, pipe pullers, sod cutters, and similar devices are in high demand once the snow and ice has finally started to thaw and spring begins to reveal itself in the air. Due to the fact that our cold seasons are relatively longer than our warm seasons, many home and business owners see a small window of opportunity to get various garden, landscaping, and construction projects completed in time. We know what equipment rentals you need for Spring projects. We offer a wide variety of rental equipment commonly needed for these projects.


Our power raking equipment for rent will allow you to remove thatch from your lawn. During the fall, a large amount of dirt, debris, leaves, dead plant matter, garbage, and similar materials develops on your lawn. During the winter, it solidifies into a single mass and gets pressed down upon your lawn. This is due to the cold weather and heavy snow that rests on your lawn for long periods of time. This layer of debris is called “thatch”, and it makes it much more difficult for your lawn to recover from the winter.

Throughout April, May, and even into June, people’s lawns can look patchy, brown, and generally unappealing. This is often directly the result of thatch.

Many people think they can simply rake this layer of debris up with a simple garden rake. Only to discover that the process is far more arduous than they first thought. Not only can thatch be thick, deep, and difficult to collect, many of the standard garden rakes that people own are simply not efficient enough for the job. This job can be particularly difficult if you own a very large property, or if you’re a business owner that needs to get the job done as quickly as possible.

Our power rakers will allow you to rake up that heavy layer of thatch at ease.

Weed Control

As any local will tell you, we can get some pretty vicious weeds during the spring and summer. Weeds choke the life out of your lawn and garden as they compete with plants for space, water, and nutrients.

We offer all of the weed control equipment you need to keep your lawn and garden healthy and pleasant to look at. This can be especially important for business owners, who need to maintain an aesthetically appealing lawn and garden to attract (or at the very least, not repulse) their customers. A good-looking lawn projects an image of success, which is what you want as a business owner.

We offer:

With our weed control equipment, you can apply the following to your lawn and garden:

  • Pre-Emergent Weed Herbicide – This is a chemical that prevents weeds from germinating.
  • Post-Emergent Herbicide – This is a chemical that kills weeds after they’ve germinated
  • Selective Herbicide – This is a chemical that targets specific kinds of weeds.
  • Non-Selective Herbicide – This is a chemical that will kill virtually any plant.
  • Total Vegetation Herbicide – This is a chemical that will not only kill any plant, it will also sterilize the ground to prevent plants from growing for a certain period of time.


Landscaping can be some of the most difficult work one can engage in. However, we offer all of the landscaping rental equipment you need to perform the task much more easily.

We provide:

And plenty more. With our landscaping equipment, you can complete a wide variety of difficult tasks much more easily. Whether you want to add new structures to your lawn or alter existing ones, we have what you need.


We provide a number of mowers for rent. Our Kubota mowers are a fantastic option for mowing and landscaping companies of all kinds who need some extra equipment for the job. Business owners of all kinds can also benefit from our rental mowers.


Our aerators are often in high demand during the spring. During the winter, the cold and heavy snow and ice have an impacting affect on our lawns, tightening the soil and making spring recovery much more difficult. If your lawn is showing signs of this – including patchy areas and brown grass – you may need to aerate it. Our aerators will allow you to puncture small holes throughout your lawn, allowing the soil to loosen and soak up the water and nutrients it needs to look its best.

Puncturing holes in your lawn means pulling up cork-like pieces of dirt. It’s a good idea to leave these on the lawn, as they have a fertilizing effect.

Dirt and Concrete

This is some heavy-duty work, and it requires heavy-duty equipment. We offer a wide variety of dirt and concrete equipment. Whether you need to break up an existing dirt and concrete structure or create a new one, we have what you need.


As local residents know, spring and summer are rife with construction projects of all kinds. We offer many different construction equipment for rent, for both residential and commercial properties. It doesn’t matter whether you’re repairing an existing structure or creating a brand new one, we offer everything from electric chippers to large roto hammers.


Almost all of the projects described above can’t be completed without trailers. These are often required for both hauling in the required equipment and materials, and for getting rid of large amounts of concrete, dirt, and debris after the project is done. Our trailers for rent will allow you to accomplish both of these tasks. They are sturdy and large enough to accommodate virtually any project.

Kubota Rental Equipment

Mountain West Rentals and Sales is proud to offer a wide variety of rental equipment by Kubota. Having been in the business of manufacturing high-quality equipment and machines since 1969, Kubota has become globally recognized for its safety and efficiency. Their equipment is manufactured with a single goal in mind: “Do more, with less work.” So far, they’ve succeeded in achieving that goal – and so will you.

Our Kubota rental equipment, especially our Kubota excavators, are fantastic assets for construction and landscaping contractors of all kinds who need a little more equipment here and there. Everything from gravel road building to small-scale demolition projects can be completed with this equipment.

As a licensed Kubota dealer, we also offer Kubota equipment for sale.