Mountain West Rentals is proud to provide a wide range of rental equipment for projects of all kinds. We are one of the leading providers of construction, lawn and garden, aerial, and other equipment in East Idaho. Our machines ideal for the creation or restructuring of both commercial and residential properties, or home and lawn projects within them.

Projects that our rental equipment will help you accomplish include:

Landscape Preparation

Our machines will allow you to clean up certain areas or large lots with excessive amounts of garbage, debris, waste, unwanted plants, and other unwanted materials. Areas for which our rental equipment is ideal include:

  • Land developer property
  • Vacant lots
  • Acreage
  • Ranches
  • Farms
  • Commercial properties
  • Construction sites

We offer plenty of machines that will allow you to move materials from these areas so that important landscaping projects can be completed.

We also provide machinery so that you can mow these areas if they are overgrown with tall grass and unwanted weeds. Our mowers will ensure these areas are cut cleanly and evenly, so that you can prepare them for concerts, weddings, or family get togethers.

Dirt & Gravel Road Building

In rural areas, rental equipment is commonly required for this type of project. These kinds of roads are essential for accessing barns, sheds, ranches, and other areas. We provide equipment for dirt grading and the creation of ditches and embankments for proper water drainage.

Our equipment rentals can also be used to maintain existing dirt and gravel roads, repairing damage, dirt shifting, and other problems that tend to occur over time. Our machines will give you the ability to maintain the three basic structures every gravel and dirt road needs:

  • The crowned driving surface
  • The shoulder areas that slope away from the edge of the road’s driving surface
  • The ditch, for proper water drainage

Snow Removal

Rental equipment for snow removal is a common requirement considering the long, cold winters we get in the area. Our equipment will allow you to remove large amounts of snow, which is a huge requirement for many commercial and residential properties. For businesses, there are plenty of legal ramifications to not having snow and ice removed from the property. Residential properties such as ranches and homes with long driveways will also greatly benefit from our rental equipment, as they will make jobs that would normally take a great deal of time and energy go by fast with relatively little effort.

Lawn & Garden Projects

We have the machines and tools in our product line to help you accomplish any lawn and garden project, whether it is large or small in scale. We offer equipment for:

  • Cutting sod
  • Power raking (to break up thatch)
  • Lawn aeration
  • Stump removal
  • Tilling
  • Weed eating
  • Grass spreading
  • Lawn mowing
  • Weed burning
  • Landscape raking
  • Fence stretching

And much more.

We understand how important a good looking yard is for both business owners and homeowners alike. Rental equipment will help you bring your yard up to its maximum aesthetic potential.

Construction Projects

We provide Kubota equipment for construction projects. Machines by Kubota were designed with a single philosophy in mind: Do more work in less time. Our rentals will help you do just that.

When it comes to construction projects, you need to know that you’re utilizing machines that are not only safe for you and those around you, but efficient and reliable as well. Kubota is the leading manufacturer of machines that meet all of this criteria.

Dirt & Concrete Work

Jobs like this require tough machines. Our rental equipment product line includes machines that can handle even the most difficult jobs, including:

  • Breaking up concrete
  • Moving large amounts of dirt out of an area
  • Moving large amounts of dirt into an area for dirt grading and landscaping
  • Mixing and laying concrete for roads, sidewalks, concrete slabs, and other foundations

Home Construction

We offer everything you need for any flooring project, including:

  • Carpet fans
  • Industrial vacuums
  • Strippers
  • Edgers
  • Buffers
  • Stretchers
  • Tile rollers
  • Nail guns
  • Carpet stretchers
  • Carpet irons

And plenty more. With our home construction equipment, your home projects will be accomplished faster and with less effort.